03 August 2020

Cromwell Funds Management (CFM) is pleased to announce the extension of the Cromwell Direct Property Fund (Fund) into a second Term. The Fund’s first full withdrawal opportunity closed on 31 July 2020, with withdrawal requests totalling 9.9% of issued capital.

The Fund expects to distribute withdrawal request proceeds received throughout the withdrawal opportunity in full on or around 17 August 2020. The withdrawals will be funded by a combination of existing cash reserves and undrawn debt.

Any future withdrawal requests must be lodged via the Fund’s Limited Monthly Withdrawal Facility form, which re-opened on 01 August 2020. Please refer to Section 7.4 of the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement for further information on withdrawals from the Fund.

The Fund’s next full withdrawal opportunity will be in a further five years, being July 2025, and then each subsequent five years thereafter.

Contact Us

If you have any questions in relation to the withdrawal opportunity, please contact Cromwell’s Investor Services Team on 1300 268 078.