Key Benefits

  1. Monthly withdrawals1
  2. Low volatility
  3. Tax advantaged income stream with a strong yield
  4. Security through a seven year term




As at 30 June 20202

Key Events

Distribution payment – Monthly Approximately 10 days after the end of each month
FY20 Periodic Statement released 31 August 2020
September 2020 Quarterly Investment Statement

29 October 2020

Fund Details

For investors looking for reliable monthly distributions from a diversified high quality commercial property portfolio with restricted monthly liquidity. The portfolio is also underpinned by long term leases to blue chip tenants.

Objective To provide investors with diversification and access to a strong income stream with capital growth potential3.
Overview Provides exposure to property throughout Australia either directly or through investments in unlisted property trusts.4
Investments The Fund currently delivers diversification across ten properties located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.
Benchmark Performance is benchmarked against the PCA / IPD Australia Unlisted Retail Property Fund Core Index.
Date commenced August 2013
Withdrawal Amount

The amount available to meet withdrawal requests in any month will be the greater of an amount equal to 0.5% of the Fund’s net asset value (approximately $1.6 million available for withdrawals submitted throughout the month of September) and (if CFM believes it appropriate given the Fund’s future cash requirements) the amount by which the Fund and its sub-trust’s cash exceeds 6% of its net asset value.

Investment Strategy

We plan to deliver on the Fund’s investment objective by investing directly, or through unlisted property trusts, in non-residential Australian property with a primary focus on high quality commercial, industrial and retail property leased to government and blue chip tenants on long leases. The current portfolio provides investors with diversification across eleven properties and access to a strong income stream, a portion of which is expected to be tax deferred.

Risk Disclosure

An investment in this Fund is subject to risk. Capital growth, distributions and tax consequences cannot be guaranteed.

In the PDS and SPDS, CFM has listed the key risks of investing in the Fund. CFM has not listed all risks. Where applicable, CFM has explained how it intends to manage the risks. However, risks cannot be avoided altogether and some risks are outside CFM’s control.

If a risk eventuates, it may result in reduced distributions and/or a loss of some or all of the capital value of your investment.

A potential investor should consider the risks, and their attitude towards risk in general, when considering an investment in the Fund.

As set out in Section 4 of the PDS, examples of key risks include diversification risk, property risk and Fund risk. See the PDS and SPDS for further details.

How to Apply?

Direct investors are required to complete and return the application form contained in the PDS and SPDS and pay their nominated investment amount.

If you have any questions, or would like to order a PDS and SPDS, please contact your financial adviser or Cromwell on 1300 268 078 or email