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You should consider the PDS and TMD before deciding whether to invest or hold units in the fund.




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Cromwell Direct Property Fund

The Cromwell Direct Property Fund (Fund) is comprised of a quality portfolio of ten2 commercial property assets with a long, 5.1-year weighted average lease expiry (WALE)3 and 61.8% of income sourced from Government and listed tenants4, providing investors with a high level of predictability and comfort1. As an award-winning fund manager with more than 20 years' property management experience, Cromwell Funds Management aims to provide investors with a monthly tax-advantaged income stream, combined with the potential for capital growth.

Key benefits

Limited monthly withdrawal opportunity5

Exposure to a diversified portfolio of quality assets underpinned by Government and blue-chip tenants4

Regular, reliable tax-advantaged income stream1,6 with a strong yield7

Fund performance

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Distribution yield


as at 31 March 20227
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Fund snapshot

Cromwell Direct Property Fund (Fund) provides exposure to property throughout Australia either directly or through investments in unlisted property trusts8.

Objective The Fund aims to provide investors with a regular, reliable monthly tax-advantaged income stream combined with the potential for capital growth1,6.
Investment strategy Cromwell Funds Management (CFM) plans to deliver on the Fund's objective by investing directly, or through unlisted property trusts, in non-residential Australian property with a primary focus on high quality commercial, industrial and retail property leased to government and blue-chip tenants on long leases.
Investments The Fund currently delivers diversification across ten properties located throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory2.
Benchmark Performance is benchmarked against the PCA / IPD Australia Unlisted Retail Property Fund Core Index.
Fund inception August 2013
Withdrawal opportunity

Cash reserves are made available on a limited monthly basis for withdrawals5, with an intended full periodic withdrawal opportunity every five years.

Risk Disclosure

An investment in this Fund is subject to risk. Capital growth, distributions and tax consequences cannot be guaranteed.

In the PDS, CFM has listed the key risks of investing in the Fund. CFM has not listed all risks. Where applicable, CFM has explained how it intends to manage the risks. However, risks cannot be avoided altogether and some risks are outside CFM’s control.

If a risk eventuates, it may result in reduced distributions and/or a loss of some or all of the capital value of your investment.

A potential investor should consider the risks, and their attitude towards risk in general, when considering an investment in the Fund.

As set out in section 4 of the PDS, examples of key risks include diversification risk, property risk and Fund risk. See the PDS for further details.

Product disclosure statement - 17 November 2020 Target Market Determination (TMD)

How to invest


A potential investor must read the PDS and TMD.


A potential investor should consider the risks as outlined in section 4 of the PDS, and their appetite to risk in general when considering an investment in the Fund. A TMD is available.

Product Disclosure Statement - 17 November 2020 Apply online (Australian investors only)

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Jonathan has 20 years’ experience in equities markets and investing. He is responsible for maintaining relationships with Cromwell’s direct retail investors.

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