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About Cromwell Funds Management

Cromwell Funds Management Limited (Cromwell or CFM) is part of the ASX-Listed Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMW), an Australian real estate investor and manager that has owned, managed and invested in commercial property since 1998.

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About Cromwell Funds Management

Cromwell Funds Management Limited (Cromwell or CFM) is part of the ASX-Listed Cromwell Property Group (ASX:CMW), an Australian real estate investor and manager that has owned, managed and invested in commercial property since 1998.

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Real returns

At Cromwell Funds Management (CFM), we aim to build investor wealth through the careful selection, acquisition, and management of real income-producing commercial properties and portfolios.

We are focused on creating value and delivering sustainable income for investors through our stringent investment management processes. Cromwell’s strong focus on governance, compliance, and oversight allows us to have the confidence to time entry and exit from markets, and align ourselves to the interests of our investors.

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Real expertise

CFM is an established, award-winning Funds Manager with a proven record of managing unlisted direct property funds and syndicates on behalf of investors.

We draw on the in-depth knowledge and capabilities of Cromwell Property Group’s property team and their full suite of property-related services to maximise the performance of the properties within our unlisted funds. We also benefit from boutique investment manager, Phoenix Portfolios’ expertise and rigorous research processes to help our property securities and global equities funds outperform the industry benchmark.

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Real assets

Our suite of funds offers investors exposure to commercial property – either directly through our unlisted investment opportunities, or through an investment in listed property securities that hold underlying investments in assets across all commercial property sectors.

We actively manage the assets within our unlisted funds in-house – we’re constantly looking for opportunities to lease assets, acquire new properties and recycle capital. We are also specialists at value-add projects that improve value for our investors.

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Cromwell Property Group

Cromwell Funds Management Limited is part of Cromwell Property Group (Cromwell). Cromwell is a real estate investor and fund manager with operations on three continents and a global investor base. As at 31 December 2023, Cromwell had a market capitalisation of $1.1 billion, an Australian investment portfolio valued at $2.4 billion and total assets under management of $11.4 billion across Australia, New Zealand and Europe.


Fully Integrated Model
Cromwell’s property professionals actively manage all property assets in-house. Our experienced team oversee the strategic management of all assets to ensure that tenant requirements are met, space is leased, buildings are operating efficiently, and projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Cromwell’s management approach creates a seamless link between investors, the assets, and tenants. This approach means we have full control of asset management and allows us to focus on constantly improving property income returns, capital values, and tenant satisfaction.


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Phoenix Portfolios

Cromwell partners with boutique investment management firm Phoenix Portfolios Pty Ltd (Phoenix). Phoenix specialises in listed property investments and is the investment manager for Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund, Cromwell Phoenix Global Opportunities Fund and the fully subscribed Cromwell Phoenix Opportunities Fund.


The highly experienced team at Phoenix have a long and successful track record across a variety of A-REIT mandates, property securities funds and microcap securities, culminating in numerous industry awards.


Phoenix seek to be experts in niche sectors of the market, including property, infrastructure and small/microcap stocks. Phoenix’s focus on in-depth research provides a knowledge-based competitive edge. Jointly owned by staff and Cromwell, this ownership model promotes long-term stability and alignment of interests between employees and investors. Cromwell is an active participant in direct property markets and provides valuable insights into the Phoenix research process.


Phoenix has outsourced all non-investment functions to specialist providers, enabling the team to focus solely on investment activities.


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Our investment strategy

Cromwell believes that exposure to quality property investments should be an essential part of any well diversified portfolio.

Cromwell will seek to enhance investment returns and reduce risk by:

  • investing in property with favourable risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term;
  • understanding underlying property markets and macro economic conditions, then investing and divesting at opportune times in each market; and
  • taking advantage of pricing anomalies to achieve the best asset allocation in accordance with relative value at the time.

CFM will look to maximise the rental income from each property by purchasing Direct Property or interests in Property Trusts that have reliable cash flow. Cromwell has a team of property professionals that analyse property markets across Australia with a view to investing in Direct Property that will benefit from strong demographics with local and/or international demand.

Board of Directors

Cromwell Funds Management is overseen by an independent Board of Directors, whose expertise spans decades and industries.


Cromwell has formalised an ESG Strategy for our global business. This strategy includes targets that are crucial to our future, including decarbonising our business toward net zero and setting new baselines for areas – such as energy consumption, waste management, and carbon in each of our operating regions. We have also developed region specific targets to ensure we are addressing local concerns, such as the development and registration of an Australian Reconciliation Action Plan, with further progress and meaningful reflection occurring constantly.

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