Formal closure notice: Cromwell Australian Property Fund wind up and final distribution payment

Cromwell Funds Management Limited (CFM) as responsible entity of the Cromwell Australian Property Fund (the Fund) advises that the Fund has been formally wound up in accordance with the Fund’s constitution and the law as at 31 March 2020. Please click here for further information.

Key Benefits

  1. Diversification
  2. Liquidity
  3. Tax advantaged monthly distribution
  4. Potential for capital growth




As at 31 December 20191

Fund Details

For investors looking for access to all of Cromwell’s property expertise. Accessing diversification, liquidity and exposure to both listed and unlisted property assets, all in the one single fund.

ObjectiveDeveloped to meet demand from investors and financial advisers for a diversified property investment that incorporates Cromwell’s proven expertise in both listed and unlisted property
OverviewWe have established clear asset allocation and investment limits to ensure the Fund has prudent exposure to both listed and unlisted assets at any given time, as well as enough readily-realisable assets to maintain appropriate liquidity
InvestmentsListed property securities and unlisted  direct property investments.
BenchmarkBenchmarked against a combination of indices due to their relevance to the Fund's underlying investment portfolio and strategy. See the PDS dated 29 September 2017 for details.
Date commencedSeptember 2013

Investment Strategy

The Fund has been constructed to provide a tax advantaged monthly distribution plus potential for capital growth2, by investing in a portfolio of listed and unlisted property investments. The Fund will initially hold units in the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund (“PSF”) and the Cromwell Direct Property Fund (“DPF”)3.

  • PSF provides the Fund with exposure to listed property securities that are predominantly Australian Real Estate Investment Trusts (“A-REITs”) listed on the ASX. Over time, the Fund may also invest in other property securities funds or hold listed property securities directly.

  • PSF is an award-winning Fund and is one of the top performing property securities funds in Australia.

  • DPF provides the Fund with exposure to property throughout Australia either directly or through investments in unlisted property trusts. The Fund invests in non-residential Australian property with a primary focus on high quality commercial, industrial and retail property leased to government and blue chip tenants on long leases.

  • The Fund may also hold up to 30% of assets in cash.

Risk Disclosure

An investment in this Fund is subject to risk. Capital growth, distributions and tax consequences cannot be guaranteed.

In the product disclosure statement dated 29 September 2017 (“PDS”), CFM has listed the key risks of investing in the Fund. CFM has not listed all risks. Where applicable, CFM has explained how it intends to manage the risks. However, risks cannot be avoided altogether and some risks are outside CFM’s control.

If a risk eventuates, it may result in reduced distributions and/or a loss of some or all of the capital value of your investment.

A potential investor should consider the risks, and their attitude towards risk in general, when considering an investment in the Fund.

As set out in Section 4 of the PDS, examples of key risks include diversification risk, property risk and Fund risk. See the PDS for further details.