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Expert insights – Tessa Morrison

Being agile and adapting to changing market demands

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Expert insights – Tessa Morrison

Being agile and adapting to changing market demands

Tessa Morrison


More than 20 years’ experience managing and enhancing performance across Commercial, Industrial and Retail assets in both Australia and New Zealand.

Tessa is responsible for overseeing the delivery of high-quality, value enhancing property services to Cromwell’s funds whilst maintaining the profitability of Cromwell Property Services.

Our commitment to looking after tenants and investors.

Our integrated property management model ensures that assets are managed in accordance with the interests of our investors and to the expectations of our tenants.

Cromwell’s property focus enables us to provide our managed funds with a full suite of property related services including transaction sourcing, due diligence, property management, leasing, asset enhancement and realisation.

Many competitors outsource responsibility for the day-to- day management of their properties, whereas Cromwell actively manages all Australian property assets in-house, creating a link between investors, the assets and our tenants. This integrated property management model is one of Cromwell’s key competitive advantages.

Our asset management team oversees the strategy for each property, aiming to ensure that tenants are content, space is leased, buildings are operating efficiently and projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Attracting and retaining quality tenants

At Cromwell we see our tenants as our customers. Measuring and understanding tenant satisfaction levels is core to Cromwell’s tenant retention strategy and is critical in helping to maximise rental yield – which translates to greater investor returns.

Explore our tenant retention strategy below.

We pride ourselves on operational efficiency.
Cromwell’s Direct Property Fund ranked fifth in the NABERS Sustainable Portfolio Index with a 5.3 portfolio energy rating

Enhancing operational efficiency

The priority for the property team at Cromwell is to achieve operational efficiency while also ensuring a high tenant retention rate. This approach allows us to reduce costs associated with new fitouts, as well as minimise downtime associated with the re-leasing of asset space. Ultimately, this results in better investment outcomes for our investors and out tenants.

Watch the below to find out how.

Adapting to tenants' evolving needs

Hybrid working, where employees divide their working week between home and the office, is now the default for many Australian companies. This trend was in motion prior to the pandemic, but has been accelerated and solidified by it, establishing it as the norm and resulting in a shift in tenant requirements.

Watch Tessa talk about how Cromwell has been adapting to the resulting changing needs of our tenants.

Adapting to property market dynamics

Cromwell has a strong track record of adapting office spaces to meet tenants’ requirements. Our exceptional in-house property development, project management, and technical capabilities allow us to identify and deliver value for our tenants, our investors, and capital partners through innovative development and construction projects, whole-of-building refurbishments, and adaptive re-use and asset transformations, all of which incorporate market leading sustainability initiatives.

Discover the evolution of office space

Cromwell is an active property manager,
adding value by developing, refurbishing and
repositioning or transforming the assets that
it owns or manages with the ultimate objective of
increasing the value for each and every asset.

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Real expertise is being able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of tenant-customers, understand the emerging market demands, and spend money wisely to create places for people to come and enjoy. Sign up to this brand-new series on active management at several key properties to discover how Cromwell adds value to our assets – now and in the future.

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Invest in an actively managed portfolio

With over 25 years of property management experience, Cromwell Funds Management and our property team diligently oversee the fund’s property assets, striving to maximise the value of each building. This approach offers investors the opportunity for regular income generated from rents collected from tenants, as well as capital gain upon the sale of underlying properties.

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