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Expert insights – Lara Young

Delivering financial returns, while reducing environmental impacts

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Expert insights – Lara Young

Delivering financial returns, while reducing environmental impacts

Lara Young


Lara Young joined Cromwell in January 2023 as Group Head of ESG after working in the construction and engineering industry for over 10 years. As Group Head of ESG, she works on further developing the Cromwell’s existing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework and aligning the ESG strategy with the business’s overall strategic objectives.

Prior to joining Cromwell, Lara was the driving force behind establishing and implementing Costain’s Climate Change Action Plan, which set out a detailed 15-year plan to transition to a net-zero organisation by 2035.

She was most recently shortlisted as 2023 Net zero and Energy leader of the year at the edie sustainability awards (winners to be announced in March) and was named 2022 Young Person of the Year by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and Energy and Carbon Leader of the Year at the 2021 edie Awards. Lara has been the Chair of the Institution of Civil Engineer’s (ICE) Carbon Champion Review Panel since May 2021.

What is ESG and why is it important for investors?

ESG is a set of practices that aims to enhance positive impact and minimise the negative impact on the environment and society. It also ensures that an organisation is fulfilling its sustainability commitments and has the necessary mechanisms to track its progress.

Our ESG strategy at Cromwell ensures we retain market access, meet investor and tenant ESG demands, and comply with evolving ESG legislation.

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Driving value creation through ESG practices

Securing future income for our investors

Our strategy is designed to attract and retain high-quality tenants, which in turn provides sustainable rental income and returns for investors.

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ESG and property investments

Our ESG criteria ensures that we are tailoring our ESG focus based on individual assets while also addressing where our biggest opportunity for positive changes lies.

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What are scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions?

Cromwell has committed to a net zero target across our entire portfolio for scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions by 2045, which includes tenant emissions and embodied carbon.

The video explains the three emissions scopes. Although scope three emissions are not directly under Cromwell’s control, we must address our scope three footprint if we want to achieve net zero emissions and make the most substantial positive change possible. This is because, as a real estate business, scope three emissions represent a significant proportion of our impact.


While scope three emissions are not directly within an organisation’s control, if we truly want to ensure that we are achieving net zero, and we are genuinely making the biggest positive change possible, we cannot shy away from addressing our scope three footprint because it represents such a large proportion of our impact.

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Cromwell ESG Report

Our aim is to provide continued financial security for our investors, improve the communities in which we operate and be at the forefront of sustainable business practice globally.

The Group’s ESG vision and commitment aligns with our corporate values, defining our approach to ESG. Progress made against our commitments is detailed in the Group’s latest ESG Report.

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Solar programme

Cromwell Property Group is continuously looking at ways to increase the value of our properties – and generate long-term income – while progressing our own environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) ambitions and meeting the ESG expectations of investors, tenants, and regulatory bodies.

Cromwell has completed Stage 2 of our programme of works to install solar panels on buildings at locations across the country, as part of the business’s commitment to meet our long-term ESG targets.

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