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Expert insights – Colin Mackay

Leveraging research and data to uncover opportunities

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Expert insights – Colin Mackay

Leveraging research and data to uncover opportunities

Colin Mackay


Colin is responsible for research and investment strategy across Cromwell’s Australian platform. He advises the business and investors on market and sector trends,
opportunities, and risks. He is also responsible for developing investment strategies synthesised from thematic-based macro strategy and bottom-up analysis of real estate and capital market fundamentals.

Colin joined Cromwell in 2023 from AMP Capital, where he most recently led the firm’s retail real estate research.

Our research-driven investment strategy

Research plays an important part in our investment process, influencing our broader investment strategy. It aims to cut through the noise and challenge assumptions that arise from human perceptions.

The top-down thematic approach determines our preferred strategy for buying, selling, and managing our portfolio of investments, while market fundamentals allow us to uncover suitable assets at the right price. From there, we can identify and evaluate investment opportunities.

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“The best opportunities lie where the sentiment has become dislocated from the fundamentals.” 

Finding opportunities in the commercial property market

The current property market: A tailwind for rental growth

In the current market environment, rental prices are on the rise. Construction costs are increasing due to inflation, leading to fewer new properties being built. With limited supply and growing demand from tenants, rental prices are going up. This presents a promising opportunity for investors seeking to capitalise on the steady growth of rental income.

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2024 investment strategy: Taking advantage of market cyclicality.

We embrace the cyclical nature of markets as an opportunity for growth and value creation. Our approach combines rigorous research and a data-driven process to understand market conditions thoroughly. By leveraging comprehensive market analysis and insights, we identify strategic investment opportunities across various phases of the market cycle.

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Sector opportunities

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