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Insight #43

In Insight 43, we explore our strategic initiatives in more detail – we talk to Cromwell’s Chief Investment Officer, Rob Percy, about how Cromwell is navigating market conditions and our plans for the next 12 months; we delve into Cromwell’s new Sustainable Finance Framework; and we look at the continued evolution of office space and how we are making sure our assets continue to perform.

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Insight #42

In Insight 42, we address some of the concerns about the office market, unpack the complexities of tax-deferred distributions and Stuart Cartledge, Fund Manager for the Cromwell Phoenix Global Opportunity Fund, outlines the opportunities that exist in the hotel sector for the Fund.

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Insight magazine 41 front cover
Insight #41

In Insight 41, we examine the market outlook for 2023, analyse the hybrid work environment, and pose the question – is early retirement achievable for anyone?

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