Key Benefits

  1. Strong yield premium to term deposits
  2. Tax effective investment
  3. Long WALE, leased predominantly to government tenant
  4. Monthly distributions

Trust Details

One of the market’s best performing unlisted property trusts; delivering investors outstanding income and capital returns and demonstrating the strength of Cromwell’s ‘back to basics’ approach to single property trusts.

DistributionsThe Trust pays a monthly distribution rate, which commenced at 8.25 cents per unit (cpu) pa at inception in 2009. The distribution was increased to 11.00 cpu pa at commencement of the Further Term in July 2016.

This unlisted trust’s asset is the Energex House Building completed in August 2010. The Trust was the first of the 'Back to Basics' single property investment opportunity, and the capital raising was well supported by investors attracted by the monthly distribution yield, the quality of the asset and its strong, long-term lease profile.

Benchmark PCA/IPD Australian Pooled Property Fund Index - Unlisted Core Retail Index
Date commenced June 2009
Trust Maturity20222

Investment Strategy

When the Cromwell Riverpark Trust was established, the market sought conservative investment strategies. World markets were experiencing volatility and falling interest rates were reducing the returns offered by cash and fixed interest products.

In response, Cromwell created this simple investment alternative which aimed to provide investors with a monthly distribution over the seven year term, with the additional benefit of tax deferred distributions and capital growth potential1. It featured a transparent structure with no capital support of distributions.

How to Apply?

Although the Trust is fully subscribed, it is possible to still gain exposure to it by investing in the Cromwell Direct Property Fund.