Our ‘Back to Basics’ Investment Trusts are structured to suit investors who are looking for peace of mind through a fixed term investment, paying reliable monthly distributions from a single high quality commercial property asset, underpinned by a long term lease to blue chip tenants.  

Our trusts are structured to include a maturity date, at which point the assets are either sold (and the proceeds returned to investors) or investors can vote to extend the trust.

Generally a seven year term is chosen to maximise the potential for capital appreciation by ensuring any sale is attractive to prospective buyers.

Our unique ‘Back to Basics’ Investment Trusts offer Investors:

  • Predictable monthly income – the products are structured to provide investors with regular monthly income
  • Asset specific investment – the trusts have no capacity to own anything other than the assets identified in the Product Disclosure Statement
  • Closed-ended investment – the capital raising is limited to the equity required to fund the assets
  • Illiquid investment – they usually have an investment term of seven years
  • Unlisted investment – they are not exposed to the vagaries of the share market
  • Conservative leasing fundamentals – the weighted average lease expiry (WALE) is typically well beyond the seven year investment term
  • Potential for capital growth – by buying prudently and managing the asset for the long term.
  • Option for early sale - structured to give investors the opportunity to wind-up a trust prior to the maturity date if a majority of unitholders agree.

Case Studies:

Cromwell Riverpark Trust

One of the market’s best performing unlisted property trusts; delivering investors outstanding income and capital returns, and demonstrating the strength of our ‘Back to Basics’ approach to single property trusts


Cromwell Box Hill Trust

We launched a Product Disclosure Statement for the Trust in December 2012 and raised $70 million which, combined with debt, was used to acquire the 5 Star Green Star, 20-storey office tower in Box Hill, Victoria which had an expected valuation on completion of $117 million.