Key Benefits

  1. Access to Phoenix Portfolios Pty Ltd
  2. Funds under Management Capped
  3. Diversified Portfolio
  4. Benchmark Unaware Portfolio
  5. Low fees




Fund Details

This award winning Fund is one of the top performing property securities funds in Australia, with underlying investments chosen by investment manager, Phoenix Portfolios.

Objective The Fund aims to deliver a total return (after fees) in excess of the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index over three to five years with lower overall volatility of capital.
OverviewThis award winning Fund is one of the top performing property securities funds in Australia.
InvestmentsInvestments are likely to be in small companies with the majority selected from outside the top 300 listed securities.
BenchmarkS&P/ASX300 A-REIT Accumulation Index
Date commenced April 2008

Investment Strategy

The Fund provides investors with exposure to a broad range of Australian Securities Exchange listed property stocks which hold underlying investments including office, retail, industrial and hotel assets. 

The Fund will not be constrained by benchmark considerations and instead will be managed in a ‘benchmark unaware’ manner.

Risk Disclosure

All investments carry risk. You should consider the Fund’s risks in light of your personal circumstances and your attitude towards risks. The key risks of investing in the Fund are typical of the risks associated with managed investment schemes that invest in shares of Australian listed companies. It is important that you know that the value of your investment will go up and down over time, the Fund’s returns will vary over time, future returns may differ from past returns, and returns are not guaranteed. All of this means that there is always the chance that you could lose money on your investment.

As set out in Section 4 of the product disclosure statement dated 1 November 2012 (“PDS”) and the Additional Information Document dated 1 November 2012 (“AID”), the significant risks for the Fund are security specific risk, market risk, legal and regulatory risk, manager risk, derivative risk, and liquidity risk. You should read the important risk information in Section 4 of the PDS and AID before making a decision. The material may change between the time when you read the PDS and the day that you acquire the product.

Risk level
CFM believes that the Fund’s risk level is medium. The risk of your investment falling in value over the short term is high when compared to investments in managed investment schemes that invest in asset classes such as cash or fixed interest securities. However, the Fund offers potentially more favourable returns over the medium to long term than cash or fixed interest securities. This is why the minimum suggested timeframe for an investment in the Fund is at least three to five years.

How to Apply?

Although the Fund is closed to new investors, it is possible to still gain exposure to it by investing in the Cromwell Australian Property Fund Link to fund page

Existing investors can still apply for additional units by completing and returning the additional units application form available here.

If you have any questions regarding the Fund, please contact your financial adviser or Cromwell Investor Services directly on 1300 276 693 or email