05 February 2015

On and from Thursday 5 February 2015, the Cromwell Phoenix Property Securities Fund (PSF) will no longer accept applications from new investors. Existing investors can, however, apply for additional units. 

PSF has closed to new investors because it has reached its capacity constraint (see page three of the PSF product disclosure statement dated 1 November 2012 (PDS)).  

Cromwell believes closing PSF now will put Phoenix Portfolios, PSF’s investment manager, in the best position to continue to outperform PSF’s benchmark going forward.

Cromwell continues to offer access to the PSF as well as a diversified portfolio of unlisted property investments through the Cromwell Australian Property Fund.  You can find out more about this fund www.cromwell.com.au/apf.

If you have any questions, please contact Cromwell Investor Services on 1300 CROMWELL (1300 276 693) or email invest@cromwell.com.au.