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Is Brisbane back?

With Sydney and Melbourne commercial office property very much in demand, investors have been looking at Brisbane as a viable alternative investment option. In this article, we consider the opportunit...

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Understand the retirement income challenge

Recent research of over 5,500 senior Australians showed most are aware of their increasing longevity, but there were some surprising findings into retirement expectations. National Seniors Australia (...

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Cromwell sustainability performance

Cromwell Property Group’s 2017 Annual Sustainability Report detailing the Group’s sustainability framework, targets and performance for 2017 has now been released.

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In conversation with... Brett Hinton

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, Brett dreamed of becoming a golf professional and travelling the world. He was good enough to a play off a handicap of one but ended up in banking.After a 17-year ban...

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'Deliverance from despair'

At 7:30pm on 15 April 2003, the sudden onset of Trigeminal neuralgia had debilitating ramifications that would dictate many aspects of Tony MacPherson’s life for the next 13 years. Through the T...

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“Your margin is our opportunity”

Various sectors of the Australian stock market (and financial media) are somewhat pre-occupied with the question “When is Amazon coming to Australia?”While it is extremely difficult to be ...

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In conversation with... Lucy Laakso

Cromwell strives to maintain the highest standards of ethics and corporate governance. Our corporate governance framework creates a culture and mindset which has a direct impact on the way we conduct ...

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