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The world of European real estate investment

Europe represents approximately one-third of the global commercial real estate market, dwarfing Australia as an investment destination. Just one European city, London, has approximately the same volum...

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In conversation with... Paul Browne

In the FY18 results, CEO Paul Weightman announced that Cromwell had invested in a 50% ownership interest in LDK Healthcare (LDK). We sat down with LDK’s Founder and Managing Director, Paul Brown...

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The future of Australian cities

On 7 August 2018, Australia’s population clock ticked over to 25 million. The population is currently twice what it was in 1970 with forecasts having Australia exceeding 35 million people by 205...

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The changing face of the logistics sector

A combination of factors is driving increased interest in logistics real estate assets, including the continued growth of e-commerce and ongoing improvements to last-mile logistics, technology and the...

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Investing in property within your SMSF

Direct property investment remains a popular investment option for self-managed super fund (SMSF) investors. But it requires careful consideration before taking action. Other property asset classes ma...

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What a time to be alive

Medical, economic and societal advances mean people are drastically outliving life expectancy estimates from only a century ago. Further, morbidity, the time people are ill at the end of their lives, ...

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In conversation with... Simon Garing

Simon Garing joined Cromwell in December 2017 as Chief Capital Officer. He started his career as an accountant with IBM, then jumped into financial markets with Citibank, becoming an investment manage...

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