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In conversation with... Lisa Treble

Prior to joining as Cromwell’s Sydney based Leasing Manager in mid-2018, Lisa Treble established herself as a successful leasing agent on Sydney’s North Shore. We sat down with Lisa to dis...

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In conversation with... Joanna Tano

As Cromwell’s Senior Strategy and Research Manager based in London, Joanna Tano tracks and analyses real estate markets, researches themes such as urbanisation, technology and e-commerce and how...

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Global community activity

In FY18, Cromwell set a baseline target for its Community Pillar of $350,000 in the form of direct or indirect benefit-in-kind value via funds raised or donated, corporate sponsorships, events, donati...

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Cromwell to take up rights and grow AUM

Cromwell has undertaken to subscribe in full for its pro-rata entitlement under the proposed rights issue announced by Cromwell European REIT (CEREIT) to the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limi...

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Five paths to investment diversification

Diversification is one of the most critical considerations when building an investment portfolio. Ensuring that you are adequately diversified helps you ride out the ups and downs of financial markets...

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Four strategies to unlock property value

Cromwell has a track record of finding property gems in unexpected places. We look at some examples of how undervalued assets have become stars and delivered outstanding returns over time.

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