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In Conversation… with Chris Hansen

As the redevelopment of Northpoint Tower in North Sydney progresses, we talk to Senior Project Manager on the project, Chris Hansen, about Cromwell’s asset transformation process, and the key re...

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The Shifting Investment Landscape Revisited

In September 2016, Cromwell again invited its investors and contacts to participate in the Investment Trends Product and Advice Needs Survey. The Survey provides insight into the shifting sentiment of...

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The 2017 Australian Economic Outlook

2017’s outlook is a continuation of key themes from our 2016 report. The themes have been reinforced by recent developments including volatile GDP growth, softening retail sales growth, slowing ...

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Cromwell Polish Retail Fund wins BREEAM Award

The Cromwell Polish Retail Fund won a BREEAM-GRESB Award for Corporate Investment in Responsible Real Estate. This new award is for the real estate investment company or manager that has made the stro...

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