CASE STUDY: Bull Street, Newcastle



Bull Street Newcastle was one of the seven properties acquired by Cromwell Property Group in 2013 from the NSW State Government. The four-level office building is fully leased to the NSW State Government and is occupied by over 350 staff. 

As part of the acquisition, Cromwell entered into a Green Lease agreement with the NSW Government. The agreement required the development of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for each property, including Bull Street, to meet the high standards required by the NSW Government for building performance and environmental sustainability. 

Activity and initiatives

As part of our standard approach to property management, our team commenced ongoing engagement with Bull Street tenants to define our approaches to the Green Lease, the building EMP and tenant responsibilities. Supported by the tenants, the Cromwell Facilities and Projects teams began rolling out the sustainability initiatives in January 2015.

The outcomes and savings achieved since are significant, with a range of initiatives undertaken:


Installed meters to monitor electricity consumption 

Reviewed the operation of the building HVAC controls and Electric Duct Heaters, following which a new software algorithm was developed to improve control and occupant comfort 

Reviewed the chilled water supply temperature control and implemented revised strategies to reduce energy 

Reviewed the enthalpy control carried out by the building management system and updated the programme to achieve the most favourable air conditions

Implemented electricity capacity control over the chillers to manage the peak electricity demand. Software was also upgraded to enable the system to cycle on and off and reduce spikes in energy consumption

Introduced responsibilities on the after-hours security patrols to include turning off excess lighting


Installed three new water meters to electronically record water consumption

Serviced all vanity taps to minimise leaks 

Installed rain water harvesting to supply water for toilets and irrigation

Installed a soil moisture meter to lock out irrigation when not required

Introduced responsibilities on the after-hours security patrols to include checking taps and ensure no water waste or leaks


Developed a waste management plan and engaged contractors to implement segregated waste collection and recycling

Undertook education program with tenants including promoting the use of colour-coded bins to increase recycling 

Secured bins to limit additional waste from tenants and external parties

Continuous improvement

Investigated the use of LED lighting in the carpark and fire stairs – to be implemented

As part of our ongoing management, contractor performance is regularly reviewed and contractors are encouraged to assist in setting and delivering continuous improvement

Education programmes and regular reminders to tenants to keep sustainability activity front of mind.

Key outcomes to date

The efforts by the Cromwell Facility Managers at Bull Street, and across the entire NSW Government portfolio, have been recognised and commended by the NSW State Government.