As property owners and investment managers, we are committed to actively reducing the environmental impact of our properties, corporate operations, and funds. The greatest impacts we can have on reducing emissions is through improving energy efficiency and minimising waste throughout the properties we own and manage.

As part of our global sustainability framework Cromwell’s aim is to share knowledge, experience and best practice across the business. 

Our newly formed dedicated sustainability teams, expanded sustainability committees, and our collective vision, passion and the benefit of global networks is already allowing us to share policy and systems that will allow us to accelerate improvements and achieve greater outcomes.

Where we do not have operational control of our properties, we are committed to increasing engagement with tenants and investors to understand their operations, obtain performance data and to influence change wherever we can.

In FY16, Cromwell submitted 100% of its directly owned Australian property portfolio and 35% of its European funds for GRESB assessment.  A snapshot of Cromwell’s GRESB submissions is outlined here: 


To have a more in-depth look at our Environment Pillar, you can download the 2016 Sustainability Report here.