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21 September 2016
SMSF Trustees – Corporate or Individual?
Cromwell’s Investor Services Team regularly facilitates the transfer of asset ownership required when members of a SMSF decide, or under some circumstances need, to make the change from individual… More ›
15 September 2016
Iron Mountain – Durability at its Core
Investors like REITs for their predictability of earnings and cold, hard asset backing, which underpins their share prices. When considering Recall Holdings Limited as an investment over a year ago,… More ›
11 June 2016
The New Office
“Workplaces are no longer just spaces where employees come together to do work, they are collaborative spaces used to inspire and motivate people to maximise their potential.”  … More ›
27 May 2016
SMSF Investment Strategies – How to Get it Right
There are many and varied ways of documenting an investment strategy for a self managed superannuation fund, there are some specific requirements that must be addressed for the strategy to comply with… More ›
27 May 2016
Stock Talk | ASX Code : MGR
Mirvac Group – not just a play on residential  … More ›
26 May 2016
Property: The Great Love Affair That’s Set To Continue
There is a lot of discussion as to whether residential property is at the top of the cycle or not. Regardless, Australia’s love affair with property as an engine for wealth and financing retirement is… More ›
20 May 2016
Global Capital Global Opportunity
Capital is global and investment decisions are made on a global basis. Large institutions review the relative merits of different asset classes across different regions, countries and cities. Real… More ›
19 May 2016
Beware the Ballooning Cap Rate
Yield is great, but paying too much for property can result in a capital loss. … More ›
29 April 2016
A Guide to Tax Deferred Distributions
Tax deferred distributions can be an attractive feature of many property investments and have the potential to increase the after tax return of an investment. … More ›
07 March 2016
The Shifting Investment Landscape
Cromwell invited its investors to participate in the Investment Trends 2015 Investment Product and Advice Needs Survey. The Survey provides insight into the shifting sentiment of Australian investors.… More ›