Cromwell Riverpark Trust (“Trust”) unitholders have voted to approve both resolutions required to implement the Rollover Proposal, as put forward in the Notice of Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum dated 20 May 2016.

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Fund Performance

The Trust commenced in June 2009 and its performance is benchmarked against the PCA/IPD Australian Pooled Property Fund Index - Unlisted Core Retail Index

As at 31 December 2016. Fund Performance is presented after fees and costs. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Cromwell Riverpark Trust, which is now closed to investment, reached its initial Term maturity in July 20162, and has a current distribution of 11.0% pa1. On July 7th 2016, Unitholders unanimously voted to extend the Trust term by 5 years, extending the maturity until 8 July 20213. Established in 2009, this was the first of Cromwell’s next generation ‘back to basics’ single property syndicates and served as a bellwether for the type of investments being sought in an uncertain economic environment post-GFC.

The Trust is proving to be one of the best performers in its asset class by providing enviable returns and steady capital growth1. It is one of the foundation assets of the Cromwell Direct Property Fund so, despite Cromwell Riverpark Trust being closed to new direct investment, it is possible to still gain exposure in this asset by investing in the Cromwell Direct Property Fund.


  • Energex House is an A-Grade office building, acquired by the Cromwell Riverpark Trust in 2009, and forms part of the $1.1 billion Gasworks urban renewal project.
    Sector Commercial/Retail
    Address 33 Breakfast Creek Road
    Value 100 - 200 million

Investment Strategy


When the Cromwell Riverpark Trust was established, the market sought conservative investment strategies. World markets were experiencing volatility and falling interest rates were reducing the returns offered by cash and fixed interest products.

In response, Cromwell created this simple investment alternative which aims to provide investors with a monthly distribution over the seven year term, with the additional benefit of tax deferred distributions and capital growth potential1. It featured a transparent structure with no capital support of distributions.