In May 2015, Cromwell Funds Management (CFM), as responsible entity of the Cromwell Box Hill Trust (the Trust), received an offer to buy the sole asset owned by the Trust, the ATO Building in Box Hill, Victoria.

The vote concluded at 4pm Thursday, 3 September. Click here for the results.

Fund Performance

The Trust commenced in December 2012 and its performance is benchmarked against the PCA/IPD Australian Pooled Property Fund Index - Unlisted Retail

As at 31 August 2015. Fund Performance is presented after fees and costs. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

The Cromwell Box Hill Trust owned an ATO tenanted building in the east Melbourne suburb of Box Hill.  The trust paid a monthly (annualised) distribution of 7.90% pa since inception. That monthly distribution, combined with the Special Distribution Payment, equated to an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 18.8%.

When it was open for investment, the Cromwell Box Hill Trust secured strong interest from both retail investors and financial planners. The building has now been sold and the Trust has been terminated, to be formally wound up by March 2016.